Friday, April 23, 2010

Non Stimulant Fat Uncoupler

Mike, you wanted the link to this, here it is.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Post To My Old Coach Sean Calder's Athletes - for your enjoyment!

Hey everyone on Team Calder. I hope you had a very productive 2009! I've been working hard and getting ready for other shows and stuff.. but just wanted to stop by, say hello, wish you all the best.. and let you know that if you need to get ahold of me email me at using the words Team Calder in the subject and I will make sure it doesn't go to spam.

It's been an incredible past two years. Look for me on the box of Cellucor's new fat loss stack in supplement stores come January 30th. I've used their products and am happy to say that they're a good company with high quality stuff! :)

(Gotta love shameless plugging for sponsors right?)

Anyhow, I'm living half on the east coast half in Portland now. Travel is kickin my butt but I'm trying.

YAWN, whew, well time to go to the gym and bring some food to my boyfriend. (I'm seeing that guy from the supplement store that I first started dieting at again.. the guy who was with me throughout my whole transformation... Sometimes it takes going a little crazy, forgetting what is important and leaving town to realize what you really want... and that guy was there for me through everything. I love him and have moved him WAY up my priority list. I'm no longer afraid to have a boyfriend. If people can't deal with me being a "taken" athlete then they can go f themselves.

Another thing I want to mention is.. if you're training for a show, take your progress photos and ENTER A CONTEST!! You can seriously win money on this! A friend of mine is putting on this contest ( ) so I know it's legit. You know that working with Sean you're going to see amazing results.. so check it out.. it couldn't hurt!

Tiff :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

The New Year... The New Everyone!

I made the decision to compete a long time ago. I think the reason behind my success at it was knowing that there was a solid date that I had to be ready by. Not just by losing weight, but being in the best condition of my life. I needed the exact date, time and place to focus on.

When you make the decision to change your life through competing, starting a new diet, or even getting into the gym there's a piece that is usually missing. I struggled with my weight for years. The ONE time that it worked was when I had my sights set on something real. I'm not saying to go and do a figure or bodybuilding competition right off the bat, but any form of competition will help you get the results you want FASTER.

You'll have a goal, you'll know when you NEED to be done by, and if you tell all your friends and family about the challenge you're in, it holds you even more self accountable for your actions. You'll know that every cheat, every single day you miss the gym is a step AWAY from achieving your goal.

Here's a few things you can try to get your Resolution to a good start.

1. COMPETE - here are some links to things you may be able to participate in..
Transformation Challenge:
Bodybuilding Competitions:\\

Seriously, if you want to hold yourself accountable you better be ready to have other people push you!

What is fat tax? It's what you pay when you go buy a gym membership and then go for about a week and stop going. It's the money you SPEND on the gym membership that you don't even use until you realize that you're too lazy to go and then you cancel the membership.

Get your sister, your friend, your dad, your brother, your aunt, even that person from work who TALKS about working out but you never see any changes in them.. bring them right along with you. Not like a date, but maybe a "Hey, I could really use a spot at the gym some time, would you like to work out together??" thing.

5. REMIND yourself.
How? There are tons of ways. On my bathroom mirror I have in blue wipe away marker "Hey Tiff!! Get your ass up and go to the gym!" on my mousepad it says "HEY YOU! GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO TO THE GYM!" Those little things will keep it in your mind that you've made a decision and YOU are the one that can make it happen.

6. Start little, STAY little...
I mean this in the best way possible. If you start out simply by going to the gym and doing a half hour of cardio... and you keep doing this for months... YOU WILL SEE CHANGES!!!! It's amazing what these little things can do. Just add another little thing once your little thing has become a habit.

7. Have FUN with it.
Never a day goes by that I don't truly ENJOY going to the gym. Most of the time, if I feel crappy going to the gym actually makes me feel better! It's an amazing stress reliever. If you ever feel TOO BUSY to go to the gym just do it. Have a quick workout and it will do wonders for your stress level.

I hope this can help you guys stick to your resolutions... and for the sake of my buddy Jason, I'm going to say... NO MORE RESOLUTIONS!! MAKE THESE LIFE CHANGES! You can do it.. I did it. I was a 235 pound FAT NERD.. (I'm still a nerd, but not fat anymore). Get on it!!!

Best of luck to you! Only YOU can kick your own ass!


Friday, September 4, 2009

September Plans

Alllrighty then! So September holds the Team Universe competition in New York and a few other choice opportunities for me to spread the word of fitness on the east coast. I'll also be going to the Olympia this year. See you there!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

ROFL @ Last Night's JTV Madness!

As the title suggests I had wayyyy too much fun on the Justin.TV chat that I did last night. The evening started off with a co-broadcast from Salem, Oregon with fellow JTVer Vector300. You can check out his channel at he's awesome... Vector AKA "The Singing Security Guard" (btw my channle is Enjoy. I get a bit bored some times. I did a live Q&A the other day that went from fitness downhill from there. There's also a little makeup tutorial.

But back to last night.. holy crap. So Vector, myself and Vec's wife all hung out and they sung songs and I chatted with vec's fans. It got late so I headed home and then stopped into his channle to say goodnight. (as any good nerd should). There was a request to broadcast... and I did... thusly.. chaos ensued.

I'll probably post a few highlights from last night later today because there were a few too many good times and I can't keep them all to myself. We had upwards of 175 viewers at a time in that chat last night.

I was asked such questions as "How much can you bench" to that I reply "Call 866-545-6311 and ask it again"... other random questions were responded to the same way.

There was a heavy presence from the misc last night as well. I invented a game for them.. twas much fun! I will be passing out reps tonight for the winners. The game was flashcard find the random online photo... I should think of a name for it.. Search and Destroy.. or.. I don't know.. .but either way, it was fun.

Also, to whoever did this to me.. THANKS FOR NOTHING YOU RICK-RoLLING MEAT SPINNING A-HOLES! It sucked, but it was too funny to stay mad about.. you jerk. lol. (if you don't know what either one of those things are don't ask and don't look them up.. they're NSFW).

I was notified that my channle was the #1 on JTV last night and I hope to keep a good run of casts going for the next few months. Some of my clients were in the rooms, and they asked good questions. I'll be posting on twitter and face book when I do the next chat. So check it out for updates.

Have a great day everyone!